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Okay, that was not fun


A loss to App State? Then Oregon? And THIS was the year I decided to try blogging about football and Michigan? I felt like an idiot, quite honestly, and as any true Michigander would, I put my head down, focused on the task at hand and slogged through the schedule.

But now its over, at least for the Lloyd Carr era at the U-M football program. On to hopefully bigger and brighter things. First they need a coach, however. As for State, they seem to be headed in the right direction at least.

The Lions on the other hand, well. Another Thanksgiving blunder. Growing up, the Lions used to OWN thanksgiving, even when they had less than the usual sub-par cast of misfits. And now rumors are surfacing that yet again, the Fords can’t keep their hands off the offense, and were pressuring the staff to use C Johnson more. So what happened? Three drops, broken routes, too much pressure on the rookie. Sound familiar?
From the 70s to now not much has changed huh?

Finally, Football.

Alright, this summer flew by, but August always seems incredibly long, especially down the home stretch leading into football season. My anticipation grows with each passing hour. We just need the games to start already. Where’s the coin toss? Where’s the upbeat pregame banter? Put me out of my misery, why am I even excited about this when…

What about the Detroit Lions? Well, how much do you enjoy waterboarding? Bottom line for me, if the Fords are still the owners, then we are still the suckers. This team will never get to the Super Bowl, much less deep into the playoffs, while William Clay and his gang of fools are at the helm. The sad truth, they don’t want to build the team, they just want to sell tickets and its easier to do that with a few flashy offensive stars than a roster full of dedicated, team oriented professionals. Sorry Rod. You may be a fantastic coach, but your bosses have wasted the last five year’s worth of draft picks on dead ends and do nothings. How can a organization perpetually be stuck in rebuilding mode? They’ve been rebuilding since the late sixties for crying out loud.

Michigan? Lloyd’s last year? The first year away from the shadow of Bo? As long as the offense stays healthy, they should be unstoppable, assuming the play calling is mildly more creative than what we saw last year. With all the preseason talk of Ohio State and a bowl visit, I am worried that somewhere in October or early November they will lose focus and stumble and then there goes the season. Classic Michigan. Rips your heart out every year.

The Spartys? I’ve always had a soft spot for them since boyhood after watching the majority of the home games back in ’79 with Kirk Gibson. I’d love to see this program turn itself around, but the shadow of the Big House looms bigger than ever. In today’s world of big brand universities, I’m not sure State will ever be able to compete.

Well strap in and lets get the season rolling. I expect to be venting about the Lie-Downs soon, but without a NFL package maybe I’m saving myself on some torture.

BP Backs Off…For Now

Sounds like BP America Chairman and President Bob Malone got the message. He announced that BP would not be increasing any emissions into Lake Michigan, though they still have the permit to allow it. What are we supposed to do, trust them? Yeah right Bobby, you give us your word you won’t dump more ammonia in our lake, but meanwhile, where is the announcement that BP will be installing a water treatment facility to handle the increased capacity of the refinery?

Here’s the link:

Yes. 70,000 residents of the Great Lakes area have registered their complaints directly to BP over a proposed plan to dump thousands of gallons of ammonia into Lake Michigan.


Dear Friends,

British Petroleum has begun the expansion of their refining facility in Whiting, Indiana. While they are spending millions on the expansion, they don’t feel it is necessary to add a water treatment facility to deal with the increased waste the plant would produce. They are asking the EPA to let them dump 1,500 additional pounds of ammonia and 5,000 additional pounds of toxic sludge into Lake Michigan each day. Thanks BP. I sure am glad you care so much for OUR environment, not just your own.

Please click here to fill out a message that will go directly to BP’s CEO Tony Hayward and EPA Region 5 Administrator Mary Gade.

Back from the Beach

Double rainbow

We’re back.

Twelve days at the Big Lake. Not quite enough, but it was really enjoyable. More beach than I’ve seen since my childhood. While it was fun to have the extra space, many friends with boats on the smaller lakes are complaining about the low water levels.